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WARBEAR aka Francesco Macarone Palmieri is a social anthropologist and an international stimulator of confrontation in fields such as Cultural Studies with a focus on pornography, sexual cultures and queer activisms. He is a cultural promoter, founder of the italian bear project EPICENTRO URSINO ROMANO / SUBWOOFER and the queer project PHAG OFF. For five years, he is the curator of the queer section of the roman independent movie festival TEKFESTIVAL and the curator of the queer section of LPM - The Video Art and VJ Meeting.

He produced and worked the dancefloors with the wildest DJs, performers, bands and freakiest people ever, including Lesbians on Ecstasy, Khan, The Gossip, Shunda K of Yo Majesty, Severino/Horse Meat Disco just to name a few. His styles are rooted in three areas - First, suicidal banger tunes for a dancefloor slaughter with a constant research on impossibile bootlegs, as second a back2back project with the roman DJ Trix called TWB (TrixWarBear) where techno becomes the main pattern in which to seed incredibly strange music, voice samples, white noises and spoken words and as third his body performance through experiment audio and video connections, where he works with the VJ Infidel.

WARBEAR writes as he performs as he DJs as he loves.