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Passionate with teratology, she gets involved with video at a young age, (in front of a super8, the 1st of december 1974). She experiments with web video applications realizing a lot of direct-on-line for during Genova G8 and for Radio DJ TV.

In 2001, she founds and starts VJing in a collective of artists, the FLxER Team. She realizes version 2.0 of the free software FLxER and the structure for the web community for sharing tools, instruments and creative issues.

In 2004 she founds Radio, a radio-on-line for indipendent music, in the same year she joined Pigneto Quartet, where she sings and performs. In collaboration with Warbear and Infidel she founds Phag Off, presenting her workshop JemmaTemp - a trash sexy photographic set in wich everyone could be the protagonist following the idea "Be Your Pornstar".

Since a few year she dedicates herself to everyday life following the project Jemma Temp. Using the new instruments of communication like photoblog and photocommunity, Nikky built the common past and present of an heroin that represents every woman. This project, thanks to the cooperation with the musician Cristiano Gullotta and the contertenor Maurizio Rippa, becomes the video section of Re:joyce, where she creates a live movie with micro-animations and photographies.
Tonight she is gonna be your VJ. Don't wonder if you see her dancing next to you, she transformed a Wii controller so she is able do her work while celebrating on the dancefloor.