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The Metzgerei (formerly known as Metzgerei Schnitzlbaumer) is the organizer of several queer events such as

- BEND OVER - a pretty dirty semestral electro party for women and anything else
- the parties for the PORNFILMFESTIVAL BERLIN in the first 3 years
- SOAP - a bi-monthly party for dirty bitchez, nasty fags, naughty dykes, gender bendies, ho's and those with hearts of gold (together with Mary Velo and Cindy Wonderful)
- the EUROPEAN QUEER X TOUR (together with Wendy Delorme)

METZGEREI is also the editor of "SOAPzine" - a magazine dealing with feminism, sexuality, queer art and nightlife.

As a DJ she's playing DIRTY BASTARD ELECTRO. For her a good set of electronic music needs exactly 10 % of singalong - and 100% of straight, hard beats. She rips up that bass and makes you dance like she does. Coz The Metzgerei works as a Gesamtkunstwerk. The console is her stage and she is the live wire in the machinery, a bundle of energy that loves performances, plays all over europe and lives in berlin.