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MEIN LIEBER BEAR - The Bears come to Berlin!

"The Bears" - London's premier all male, furry, cuddly, queer-bear cabaret troupe - make their amazing debut in Berlin Friday December 4th. At FAB|02 they're gonna perform their extraordinary hilarious and ultra-sexy combination of all-male bear cabaret-burlesque, or BEARLESQUE as they prefer to call this new performance art form.

Founded by Fred Bear in 2006, after winning the coveted bear beauty competition, the troupe (first known as Bearlesque) wowed the London cabaret scene with their blend of outrageous humour and sexy routines.

These bears (as big, hairy, bearded gays call themselves these days) turn their heads to almost every kind of cabaret performance from classic Weimar through broadway to english music-hall. Fred Bear has even been known to take to the high-wire performing his signature hommage to camp 60's sci-fi suspended above the audience in the amazing "Bearbarella!"

Among the routines they will be performing in December will be Fred Bear's classic re-invention of Liza Minnelli in "Cabearet" in honour of their Berlin debut and some amazing surprises that they will be keeping under their furrytop-hats.

Join them in this unmissable one-night only performance @ FAB|02 where they will prove once and for all that not only hairy is here to stay and that big is beautiful, but that...