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BOMB BOUTIQUE is an active undergound unit since the late 80s, having his roots in Industrial, New Wave, Techno and Electro. He settled many years ago in Berlin to operate as smashing DJ collective, label and party promoter.

Known for his banging sets with no musical limits, BOMB BOUTIQUE is connected to Berlin´s freak and fetish scene, doing several parties such as Fetish Guerilla or Boheme Noir, as well as their freakish nightouts like BOTOX DISASTER or THE BOMB BOUTIQUE CREEP SHOW. The BOMB BOUTIQUE label releases quite unregular and holds of artists like THAT´S from Italy, Tiga´s sudio mate JORDAN DARE, Swedish Cold Wave goddess NORA BELOW or Punk Funksters MMDC. Quite popular are the ELECTRIC POP Compilations, assembled by the BOMB BOUTIQUE Clerks on Rough Trade/Mofa.

BOMB BOUTIQUE is always a guarantee for maximum entertainment and outrageous sounds.

It´s a BERLIN thing!