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ATOMIZER came forth on the first wave of electronica in the early noughties. They initially set about redefining an underground and avant-garde sound. Since that time they’ve been jollying along manoeuvres in the synthesized genre of popular dance.

ATOMIZER helped kickstart the London electro scene back in 2002 with their now legendary club night NagNagNag. Recording with ex-KLF producer Jimmy Cauty in 2003, Atomizer released their debut single HOOKED ON RADIATION on DJ Hell's International DJ Gigolo Records, featuring the Orange Alert remix by the Pet Shop Boys, which appeared their album DISCO 4.

ATOMIZER were not only releasing many records on their own label, but worked also with such artists as SOFT CELL, BOY GEORGE, ADRIANO CANZIAN and CLIENT. Their last record CULT OF EUROPA just has just been released and they will perform some tracks for the first time in Germany this very night. Let them say it with their own words …