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ADAM SKY made his first record when he was 11, a song called Babysitters. JOHN PEEL regularly played the song in his shows, and SIOUXSIE SIOUX told him years later (much to his delight), that she always carried a copy in her handbag and pestered DJs to play it when she went to clubs. That’s were it all started…

After many projects and collaborations he became ADAMSKI in 1988, the year of house and acid. Following JIMI POLO’s lead (who was his house music mentor during those days), he started taking his sequencer, drum machine and sampler to nightclubs, plugging all into the mixer, and played live mixdowns of his self-composed tracks. He went from spinning afterhour parties in London to having countless gigs at all the legendary and pioneering house clubs all over the world, including HEAVEN in London, the legendary HACIENDA in Manchester, the AMNESIA in Ibiza and so on. He was appearing at many of the early, illegal raves and warehouse parties and eventually had his first pan-european hit with „NRG“, followed by „Killer“ featuring the voice of Seal.

Through the years he continued producing dance music and worked with such diverse talents like MARK STEWART, NINA HAGEN, AFRIKA BAMBAATAA and RICARDO DA FORCE of THE KLF. His more recent works include MISS KITTEN AND THE HACKER, NAMOSH, CROSSOVER, RIOT IN BELGIUM, etc. etc.

Tonight be prepared for something special. Adam has recently been reworking the tracks of his semi-live album LIVEANDIRECT (which is now turning 20), has been slotting them into his DJ-Sets and is nearing completion on a remake of the album ... and he was asking for a mic on stage.